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    Hat Heads vs. Bed Heads

    by Keith LaFerriere Editor’s Note: This article originally ran on A List Apart, Issue 246. We hope you enjoy the article and invite you to submit content ideas and articles by sending an e-mail to uxp [at] visualactivity [com]. Polos versus Doc Martens. Peet’s versus Starbucks. Hat Heads versus Bed Heads. Every project and every…

    On Web Accessibility

    by Beth Weise Moeller At one point in our pre-child lives, my husband and I had very similar cars.  He drove a maroon Acura Integra with a sunroof and all sorts of toys.  Being in grad school, I had a more stripped-down model that was screaming, comes-with-3-free-speeding-tickets, red.  The first time my brother saw my…

    The Importance of Strong Usability within Web Content Managed Systems

    by Tonia M. Bartz The term Web 2.0 was first coined by O’Reilly and Associates, a publisher of books on software development and web development, in early 2004, and is based on software release nomenclature. Web 2.0 describes the current trend towards enhancing collaboration and information sharing and utilizing these tools to aid functionality. Within…